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Giants win Answer NFC Playoff Questions

The Giants beat the Raiders tonight, assuring themselves of a home playoff game. They will be the three or four seed, pending the outcome of Sunday's games.

The win also means the Buccaneers are definitely and in all likelihood, will take the seed left by the Giants.

The final two spots will be filled by the Panthers, Redskins or Cowboys. The Panthers and Redskins are both in with wins on 1/1. The Cowboys will need to win and get some help to unseat one of the other two teams.

Giants ticket information has not yet been announced, but their game will take place the weekend of 1/7, so keep a close eye on their website...they don't have much time and their tickets will most likely go on sale Monday.

Rolling Stones Atlanta Presale

The Rolling Stones have announced what will likely be their final announcement of new North American shows. They will play another show at Philips Arena in Atlanta on Feb. 2. There will be a presale today. The Philips Arena free presale password is STONES.

Good luck.

Pete Townshend Says The Who Tour will happen in 2006

The Who apparently have enough new material to convince Pete Townshend that a 2006 The Who Tour will work. He recently posted a Christmas gift to fans on his website, making the announcement on-line on Christmas Eve.

No further details about the tour were announced, but we will have them as soon as they are. Check back often!

Ricky Martin Presales for Florida Shows

Ricky Martin will put a couple of presales on through Ticketmaster next Friday 1/6.
The Ricky Martin concerts are as follows:

Feb. 14, 2006
James L Knight Center
Miami, FL

Feb. 15, 2006
Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre
Orlando, FL

We will update with the Ricky Martin presale password as soon as we have it.

NFC Playoff Ticket Information

NFC Playoff Ticket Information

The Seattle Seahawks have first place and home field advantage throughout the playoffs locked up. They will play their first game in Seattle during the second round. Tickets for the Seahawks Divisional Playoff game at Qwest Field will go on sale Jan. 9 through Ticketmaster. The unfortunate thing about this is that it gives you less than a week before the game - so if you don't get tickets, you are pretty much at the mercy of ticket brokers prices. It might be wise to buy from brokers on eBay or
now to guard against crazy prices later. If you decide to roll the dice with the public on-sale, good luck - may the force be with you.

Buy Seattle Seahawks Playoff Tickets

The Chicago Bears have the second seed locked up, get a first-round bye and play at home in the second round. They will put tickets on sale to the general public on January 3 and will have a presale on January 2. Unfortunately, this presale is for club seat holders, which typically means the password is the account number of the club seat holders only. It makes it very difficult to access the tickets. However, there is a chance it will be a generic password. If we get anymore information, we will post it immediately. Add us to your RSS feed reader (MyYahoo and MyMSN are recommended.) through the links on the right to get instant updates.

UPDATE: The bears password is BEARS or WHITESOX

Buy Chicago Bears Playoff Tickets

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers control their destiny in terms of whether or not they will play a home game. If they win against New Orleans, they lock up the three seed and would host the 6 seed in the first round of the playoffs. If they lose, there are still scenarios under which they would be the three or four seed and host a playoff game. The Buccaneers will have a presale on Monday the 2nd. We will have the password if it is available to the general public so add our feed to MyMSN or MyYahoo so you can get it instantly. The public sale will be on January 3.

Buy Tampa Bay Buccaneers Playoff Tickets

The New York Giants will get a home playoff game as well if they win at Oakland. They would be the three seed with a win unless Tampa Bay wins - that would knock them down to the 4 seed, but would still host a playoff game. If they lose, there are more secenarios under which they would have to travel for their playoff game then there are that would allow them to play at home. They have yet to announce any information on ticket sales for potential playoff games.

AFC Playoff Ticket Information

Here is an updated version of our NFL playoff picture and ticket information.

AFC Playoff Ticket Information

Indianapolis Colts Playoff ticket info - The Colts have clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs and are currently filling season ticket holder orders for the playff tickets. In past years, the Colts have put tickets on sale for residents of Indiana and bordering states. The same restrictions will likely be in place this year as demand is expected to be at an all-time high.

Buy Indianapolis Colts Playoff Tickets

Denver Broncos Playoff ticket info - The Broncos are in and have the 2 seed locked up in the AFC. That means they will host the divisional playoff in Round 2. Tickets for this game will go on sale Thursday directly through the Denver Broncos ticket office at (720) 258-3333 or through Ticketmaster outlets. You can also purchase tickets at the Invesco Field box office. Lines will be forbidden until 90 minutes before the onsale begins at 11. Random numbers will be given to people who show up to buy tickets at the stadium box office. You will purchase tickets in the order of your random numbers. UPDATE: Tickets for the Broncos have now sold out through ticketmaster.

Buy Denver Broncos Playoff Tickets On-line.

Cincinnati Bengals Playoff Ticket Info - The Cincinnati Bengals have clinched the AFC North but, after a loss on Saturday are the third seed in the AFC behind Indy and Denver. If they win, they will be the three seed and host Pittsburgh or Kansas City. Even if they lose, they can still come in third under a couple of scenarios. The Bengals have seen unprecedented demand for tickets this year, so most playoff tickets will go to their season ticket holders. They will release some tickets to the general public, but have not announced a date yet. The Bengals use

Buy Bengals Playoff Tickets

New England Patriots Playoff Ticket Info - The Patriots, despite a disappointing start, sit at 9-5 atop the AFC East will win the division title. They will end the season in the 3 or 4 seed in the AFC after their win in ABC's final Monday Night Football game against the Jets in New Jersey. They need to win and get help from Kansas City in beating Cincinnati. If that happens, they will face Kansas City in New England. Otherwise, they would host Jacksonville. The Patriots will put on a presale next week through ticketmaster. It is for waiting list members, but last year the password was a generic one, so anyone could access it. We will post the password here as soon as it is made available.

Buy Patriots Playoff Tickets.

Jacksonville Jaguars Playoff Ticket Info - The Jaguars, at 11-4, are in. They needed a second-half comeback against the Texans to do it, but they are no strangers to comebacks this year. The Jags are currently headed for a wild-card match-up as the 5 seed and will face either New England or Cincinnati. They are locked into the 5 spot, so will play on the road no matter what happens.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs are battling for the final playoff spot in the AFC. It doesn't look good for the Chiefs as they will need a win and need Detroit to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Fans wishing to travel to support their team in the playoffs will need to track the Bengals and Patriots as well.

Check back later as we will have updated NFC Playoff Ticket Information soon.

NFL Playoff Picture

Many parts of the NFL playoff picture were decided today. We'll take it by league so you will know whether or not it is worth it to invest in tickets now or wait until your local team is definitely in.

NFC Playoff Picture

By virtue of their home win vs. Indianapolis, the Seattle Seahawks secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers win over the Atlanta Falcons knocked Michael Vick and crew out of the playoffs and created an interesting scenario near the top of the NFC. The Bucs record improved to 10-5, which puts them in a tie for third with the Giants and Panthers. Those teams both lost to the Redskins and Cowboys respectively.

Washington and Dallas helped their chances with those victories, as it put them one game behind that third place conglomeration.

The Bears play at Green Bay on Christmas day and will end the day alone in second place and in control of their playoff destiny or, if they lose to the Pack, will be mucked up with the rest of the teams at 10-5.

At this point, the Seahawks are the only team guaranteed a playoff spot. The road to Detroit in the NFC will go through Seattle's Qwest Field.

AFC Playoff Picture

In the AFC, the Indianapolis Colts have already locked up home field advantage and were able to rest most of their starters during a tumultuous week in Indy. The Broncos, Bengals and Patriots are at the head of their divisions and the Jaguars are the only other team that has secured a playoff spot.

The big game in the AFC this week was the Chargers at the Colts. Despite coming off an awesome win in Indianapolis, the muddy weather in Kansas City proved to be too much. The Chiefs kept their playoff hopes alive by defeating the Chargers, who have to be disappointed in missing the playoffs.

The Chiefs are, however, still on the outside looking in. They need a little help and a win in their final game to make the playoffs. The Chiefs could actually finish 10-6 and NOT make the playoffs.

So, if your team is definitely in, start shopping for tickets now. Once the first round match-ups are announced, a "ravalry" game will shoot the price of tickets way up. This is the time to get deals. Good luck!

David Gilmour Presales to Start Tuesday

David Gilmour has announced a North American tour and will play the following venues:

Radio City Music Hall
Rosemont Theatre
Kodak Theatre
Gibson Amphitheatre ay Universal CityWalk
Massey Hall
Paramount Theater

In all, Gilmour has announced two shows in each of the cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland and Toronto.

There is a presale Tuesday sponsored by the David Gilmour fan club at, but the site currently does not have any details on what the presale password would be. Oddly enough it does not even have the tour dates listed. We recommend checking back in the morning.

UPDATE: Mystery solved - There was no password required!

More Fiesta Bowl Tickets to go on sale Monday

There will be a small batch of Standing Room Only tickets for the Fiesta Bowl put on sale for $85 each on Monday. The January 2 game will be played between Ohio State and Notre Dame, both schools that tend to travel well.

Tickets on the secondary market have been priced sky high, so this will give the low-budget fan a way to get into the game. Get details on how to access the tickets here.

World Baseball Classic Tickets

World Baseball Classic Tickets have gone on sale for all of the U.S. games. Keep checking back and you will find a random pair of good seats here and there.

Because there are so many countries involved in this tournament, it is likely that we will see tickets released at various times, especially as the tournament games are played. Once a team advances, they get a chance to get tickets for their friends and family...whatever is left over is released to the public.

So if you don't see the World Baseball Classic tickets you want, it's probably ok to locations will likely get better.

Here is a site with more specific information on World Baseball Classic tickets.

Coldplay Presale Sold Out for SoCal Shows

You have reached a page about an old Coldplay concert tour. For information about the 2008 tour, including info on the free Coldplay concerts at Madison Square Garden and Brixton Academy, as well as Coldplay presale passwords, please visit PresaleToday!

The Coldplay presale is now sold out for both SoCal shows - at the Forum and at the Pond. Though the best of the tickets are likely already gone, there will be a public on-sale for both shows Saturday morning.

Other options would be eBay or Stubhub.

Congrats to everyone who got tickets already!

Ricky Martin sponsoring Presales this week

Ricky Martin is going on tour and he has is having some big presales this week. Here is a list of the presales as well as the passwords we have been able to find so far.

Presale on December 15

Pantages Theatre Hollywood, CA Tue, Jan 24, 2006 07:30 PM Presale Password: RICKY

Presale on December 16

Reno Hilton Theatre Reno, NV Sat, Jan 28, 2006 08:00 PM Presale Password:
Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa Atlantic City, NJ Fri, Feb 10, 2006 08:00 PM Free Presale Password: Life
The Chicago Theatre Chicago, IL Thu, Feb 2, 2006 08:00 PM Free Presale Password: LIFE
The Tabernacle Atlanta, GA Sun, Feb 12, 2006 08:00 PM Presale Password:

Presale in January:

James L Knight Center Miami, FL Tue, Feb 14, 2006 08:00 PM Presale Password: TBD

Queen + Paul Rodgers in Miami and Anaheim

Queen and Paul Rodgers are hitting the American Airlines Arena in Miami and Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim early next year. They will put on a presale for both shows next week.

The Miami presale password is Champion and the Anaheim Password is ROCK.

Good luck all.

Detroit Red Wings Season Goes on Sale

The Detroit Red Wings have only sold tickets for part of their season so far. That means you have a mid-season opportunity to get your hands on some good seats. Go here Friday moring at 10.

Coldplay Presales This Week for the Forum and Anaheim

Coldplay will have two more Fan Club presales this week - one for the Forum in Inglewood and one for Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim. Both presales will happen on Thursday at 10 a.m. As stated below, if you have not already applied for and received a password, you can stop searching now - it is too late. All passwords are unique and you've missed the deadline.

There is a silver lining though. On Friday, KROQ will sponsor a presale for the Forum show and we will likely have that password by Thursday. Subscribe to one of our RSS feeds to the right to get the password sent right to your desktop.

We will keep eye on Anaheim to see if a second presale is announced for it.

UPDATE: GOOD NEWS! The KROQ Presale will be for both the Anaheim and Forum shows. We will have the password momentarily. Add us to your RSS feed to get the password send to your desktop.

UPDATE: GOOD NEWS! The password for the two shows is FAIRTRADE. Good luck everyone. You can e-mail this link to your friends through the envelope link below.

Aerosmith Presales in Tacoma and Las Vegas this week

Aerosmith will be putting on presales for two shows this week. They are:

Wed, 02/15/06 07:45 PM
Tacoma Dome Tacoma, WA


Sat, 02/18/06 8:00 PM
MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas, NV

The Las Vegas free presale password is bigshow and the presale is on Wednesday.
The Tacoma presale passowrd is angel and is on Thursday.

Of course, if you are an Aeroforce One member, you can buy the special fan club packages, but your seating location will not be revealed until a couple of weeks before the show.

Yankees Ticket Presale Today

The Yankees have a ticket presale today for season ticket and plan holders from last year. Log in to your account manager using your account number on ticketmaster to purchase your tickets. The passwords are unique, so if you are not already an account holder, it is impossible to access them.

The public sale is this Saturday.

You can also try this Yankees Tickets site.

World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic, which some thought was once doomed to organizational mayhem is in motion and will take place in March of 2006. What's more, most of the game's hottest stars have come out and commited to play in it. Tickets are on sale starting today. Here is the schedule and ticket information for U.S. games.

Round 1 March 3-10

Phoenix, Arizona - Chase Field and Scottsdale Stadium
South Africa
Tickets are on sale now for Chase Field and Scottsdale Stadium.

Orlando, Florida - The Ballpark at DWWS (formerly Cracker Jack Stadium)

Dominican Republic
Tickets are on sale now for Cracker Jack Stadium

Round 2 Games will take place at the following two venues:

California - Angel Stadium
Teams: TBD - will come from Pool A and Pool B
Tickets for Angel Stadium Games: March 12-15

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Hiram Bithorn Stadium
Teams: TBD - will come from Pool C and Pool D
Tickets on sale: soon

Semi-finals and Finals will be played March 18-20

San Diego, California - PETCO Park
Teams: TBD
Semifinals Tickets are on sale now
Finals Tickets are on sale now

Other Baseball Ticket News.

Red Sox tickets - 2006 Sox Packs have gone on sale and are now sold out. More games will likely go on sale some time in late January or early February. Last season there was a presale and a regular sale for single game Red Sox tickets in January.

NY Yankee Tickets Yankee tickets went on sale in late 2005 on a single game basis. However, it is still possible to get seats through their ticket plans or through season tickets.

Dixie Chicks Summer Tour Rumors

We have not been able to confirm any details yet, but there are a rumors of a summer tour for the Dixie Chicks in 2006. We'll update when we get more information.

Billy Joel to add Show in Sunrise Florida

Our Florida Panthers sources tell us a second Billy Joel show will be added for the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, FL. Tickets will likely go on sale this week. We will post any updates include presale ticket opportunity details here when they become available.

Oasis Coming Back to North America

Oasis will be coming back to North America for a string of 2006 concerts starting in March. The Oasis Tour will kick off in Milwaukee on March 22 and is slated to continue through March 28 in Houston.

Though no other dates have been announced, it seems unlikely they would come all the way across the pond just for the following shows. We expect a bigger announcement in the near future.

Shows already announced are:

Wednesday March 22nd, Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee WI
Public On-Sale: Friday, Dec 9th @ Noon
Pabst Theater Box Office
By Phone: 9 AM - 8 PM - 7 days a week (414)286-3663 & (800) 511-1552

Thursday March 23rd, Murat Theater, Indianapolis, IN
Public On-Sale: Saturday, January 14 @ 10 am.

Saturday March 25th, Taft Theater, Cincinnati OH
Public On-Sale: Saturday, January 21st @ 10 am

Sunday March 26th, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville TN
Public On-Sale: Friday, December 9th at 10am
Tickets available through the Ryman Auditorium box office and Ticketmaster outlets
Over the phone at 615-255-9600 or
Online at or

Tuesday March 28th, Verizon Wireless Theater, Houston TX
Public On-Sale: Saturday, January 21st at 10am

Any presales will be held through Music Today. To get Presale access, go to and sign up for the mailing list. A password and link will be e-mailed to you.

Aerosmith AZ Lottery Presale for Glendale show

We have had a couple of requests for this password, but unfortunately we are able to obtain it due to the nature of the presale. For any Arizona lottery presale, you simply need to go buy a lottery ticket and the password will be printed on it. If anyone gets it please help out other fans. E-mail us and we will get the password up.

Aerosmith Presale Password Reminder

If you are looking for any Aerosmith passwords for shows on sale today, please scroll down - they are there, about 10 or so posts down.

Rolling Stones European Presale Dates and Details

The Rolling Stones have revealed the details of eligibility for their pre-pre-sales. They are using the same cutoff date of May 9 to determine which fan club members get early, early access. Anyone who joined after May 9 will not get access until the later presale.

All pre-May 9th members will get presale access on December 2 at 10 a.m. for the Paris, Nice, Glasgow, Sheffield and Cardiff presales. New Platinum (post May 9) members will get access two hours later at noon. The public sale for these cities is slated for Dec. 9 at 10 in Paris and Nice and 9 a.m. in the other cities.

New Billy Joel Dates Announced - On-sale Saturday

New Billy Joel concerts have been announced and will be going on sale Saturday.

In addition to the Glendale Arena show we listed earlier this week, Billy Joel tickets going on sale this Saturday include:

BankAtlantic Center, Sunrise, FL
Sat, Jan 7, 2006 08:00 PM

TD Banknorth Garden (formerly Fleetcenter), Boston, MA
Mon, Jan 30, 2006 08:00 PM (He is also playing there on Jan. 19 but tickets have gone on sale and sold out already.)

Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA
Tue, Feb 14, 2006 08:00 PM

In addition, one more show has been announced that is going on sale on December 10:

Carrier Dome, Syracuse, NY
Sat, Mar 25, 2006 08:00 PM

Judging by tour dates announced already, it looks like Joel will be on the east coast from January 19, his first Boston show, until March 13, his last Philadelphia show. There are still a lot of open dates in between those two shows, so be sure to read our article from last week about getting good tickets from rollovers.

Keith Urban Presales Today

Click for 2009 Keith Urban presale password information. The information below is for previous years.

Keith Urban is putting on presales through his fan club today. It's refreshing to see the Keith Urban type of system in place - one that allows you to get presale tickets without having to sign up for something way in advance or having to win a lottery.

Here's how it works - if you are already a member of the Keith Urban Fan Club, you probably know already that you only need to log in to get your unique presale password.

If you are not a member, you don't need to go join. Just try to buy tickets right off the ticketmaster page, choosing the option that adds the $20 membership for the Keith Urban Fan Club. Doing this means you actually get to see your tickets first - before you pay for them or the fan club membership. If you don't like the tickets, don't buy them and you just saved yourself $20!

Remember, presale tickets are not always the best in the house. Every fan club has to lobby the venue and promoter for good seats. Bands like U2 and Elton John pretty get to choose their seats, but 90% of the bands that come to your town don't have as much say. So if you don't get tickets during the presale, don't sweat it!

If you do not want to pay the $20 but still want to try to get presale tickets, you can! Most cities will have a second Ticketmaster presale on Friday. If you subscribe to the MyYahoo or MyMsn feeds to the right, you will get the passwords and other information delivered right to your desktop!

Queen Announces N. America Tour Tickets on Sale This Week

Paul Rodgers and Queen tickets for a nationwide tour go on sale starting this week. Most cities will have presale tickets available through a ticketmaster presale on Friday. The public sale for the cities below will be on Saturday.

Here is a rundown of the presale passwords we know so far.

Thu, 03/09/06 MCI Center Washington D.C. Presale Password: rhapsody
Mon, 04/10/06 Key Arena Seattle, WA. Presale Password: champions
Tue, 04/11/06 Rose Garden Portland, OR. Presale Password: champions
Wed, 03/27/06 Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI. Presale Password: radiogaga
Thu, 03/23/06 Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Ill. Presale Password: bohemian

Other Shows going on sale this week

Fri, 03/31/06 Glendale Arena, Glendale, AZ.
Sat, 04/01/06 SDSU Cox Arena, San Diego, CA.

We will try to get presale ticket passwords for these shows ASAP. Add us to MyYahoo or MyMsn through the links on the right to get instant updates.