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Critical Ticketing Software: Roboform

The following is an editorial software recommendation for Ticket Horde.

As part of our commitment to helping our users improve their ability to access tickets for the most popular events nationwide, we would like to introduce Roboform. Roboform has two features that are critical to improving your ticket buying performance and will also save you hundreds of hours each year in filling out internet forms.

Features that will help you in ticketing:

1. Automatic log-in: Roboform stores your log-in information for every website you visit and let's you log in with one click the next time you visit.

2. Profile-based form filling: Roboform stores various profiles with all of the info you need to fill out long and time-consuming on-line profiles.

How will it help you in ticketing?
  • Quickly log in and out of Ticketmaster when buying with multiple accounts.

  • Quickly sign up for new fan clubs on sites like Music Today and artist web sites.

  • Fill out MLB lottery forms instantly.

  • Remember all of your ID information when you win lotteries.

  • Avoid costly mistakes in typing in log in information.

  • Automatically fights phishing scams common with eBay, PayPal and bank web sites.

Add Roboform to all of the computers you use for ticketing. In addition to these great features, Roboform will save you all the time it takes to log in to all of the sites you have to visit over the course of a day.

To get more information click here or to download it now, click here.

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